A Better Way to Invest
"We buy marketable stocks based on the criteria we would apply in the purchase of an entire business."


Sire Line Capital Management is a value-oriented, independently owned and operated investment management boutique based in New York City. As a registered investment adviser, we provide professional investment management services to all types of investors. Our primary emphasis is on the preservation of capital while seeking an above-average rate of return. We believe that the best way to protect and grow our clients' assets is to have a conservative, unemotional, fundamentals-driven investment philosophy.

The foundation of our investment philosophy is based on a combination of the sound, quantitative lessons of Ben Graham and the proven, qualitative lessons of Philip Fisher.

We provide the highest level of investment management services to many different types of accounts, including individual, joint, business and trust, IRAs (Regular, Roth, Rollover, SEP), etc. If you are an accredited high-net-worth investor or a qualified institutional investor, click here!